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Carbon Sales

A New Source of Income for Forest landowners!

Sell your Forest Carbon

Landowners are now able to sell carbon on the Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX).

The Advantages of the NCAPX to Landowners over other programs:

· Free & non-binding to join

· No acreage minimums

· Increase your timberland returns

· Only a 1-year contract term

Forest Pro LLC is excited announce that we are now a registered affiliate for the Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX).  NCAPX is the first carbon program developed for landowners of all sizes, with no acreage minimums, no enrollment fees, and 1-year harvest deferral terms.

· What is the NCAPX? – The NCAPX is a remote sensing-enabled marketplace linking buyers and sellers of forest carbon, in which landowners in the US are paid to defer timber harvests for 1 year.  The program is based on the Harvest Deferment Credit (HDC), which can be thought of as the additional carbon stored, measured in tons, as a result of deferring harvest over the 1-year term.  The goal of the program is increase carbon stored in the private forest by paying landowners to defer business-as-usual timber harvest. 

· How are the HDC’s determined?  Assessments are conducted using satellite imagery and other remote-sensing technologies to determine the likelihood of harvest across your property, then you’ll be assigned HDC’s to sell on the NCAPX. The number of HDC’s you will be eligible for will be influenced by the age and size of your timber, with larger and older stands generating increased HDC’s.

· How much can I expect to make? Due to the many factors that determine harvest risk on a property (such as rotation age, past harvest activity, and local timber economics) it is difficult to provide accurate estimates for the payments a landowner could expect to receive in the program. However, landowners who participated in the first round (NCAPX 2021B) will receive up to $13.95 per eligible acre, with carbon credit bid prices received of $17/ton. 

· Where does the funding come from?  Funding comes from large companies, such as Microsoft and Walmart who are purchasing carbon credits to reduce the carbon footprint from their business operations.

· When will the next cycle begin?  New cycles will occur quarterly with the current cycle , NCAPX 21C, closing in June 2021.

· How do I enroll?  Contact Forest Pro LLC at 601.587.4446 or [email protected].

What to expect during the Enrollment & Fulfillment Process:

1. Once authorized, Forest Pro LLC will map & enroll your property. A requirement of the program is the condition that a landowners entire holdings be enrolled.

2. Within 10 days the landowner will receive an Eligibility report which will estimate the amount of Harvest Deferment Credits their property are expected to generate over the 1-year term.

3. Forest Pro LLC with your assistance, will determine the amount of expected timber removals over the 1-year term and bid your remaining HDC’s on the NCAPX.

4. Over the annual contract term, the landowner is responsible for harvesting less volume than they ordinarily would have, increasing the amount of carbon stored in their forest.

5. Upon verification of the results, the landowner will receive payments for the additional carbon they stored on their property.