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Are you looking for recreational, hunting, or timber investment property, then have the advantage of a Forester/Appraiser as your Real Estate Broker. We can offer insight into timberland and recreational properties that traditional real estate agents cannot match.

For our Listing clients our advantages are evident.

  • Marketing – Just like traditional Real Estate Professionals we market your property to the world on our website and other websites, and on the local Multiple Listing Service to other Real Estate Professionals. But we don’t just stop there; we saturate your local market with our interesting and informative quarterly forestry and timberland newsletter. These full color newsletters are mailed to all the landowners in your area, and judging from past responses are eagerly anticipated.
  • Pricing – This is probably the most important step in selling your property and where we can help you the most. If the selling price for your property is set to low you will not realize all the gain that is available. If the price is set to high then the property can stay on the market for extended periods. Because we are Foresters and Appraisers we can gather land pricing and timber pricing information for your market and evaluate your property to set the sales price where you receive the most gain without extended marketing times.

For our Buyer clients we can help you evaluate the conditions of the timber, wildlife, the acreage, and soils of the properties you are considering for purchase, and rank them in order of quality and because we are also timberland appraisers we can help you evaluate whether the asking price is within reason. After the purchase of your property we can continue to offer forest management assistance, so it’s not the end of our relationship but just the beginning.