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Timber Appraisals

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Standard Cruises

  • All of our timber cruises are recorded on field computers and are error checked in the field for accuracy. Our standard timber cruises come with a detailed explanation of the procedures followed during the inventory of your property as well as Stand Level and Tract Level reports on volume and value of your timber products. Volume reports will list the amount of timber by product and species in weight (tons) as well as the more traditional measurements of board footage and cords. Computer generated maps of the property will also be included on current aerial photography.

Custom Cruises

  • In addition to what we offer on our standard cruises we offer landowners the ability to obtain other, more detailed information about their timber. We can capture data on other variables like tree growth, bark thickness, storm damage, or any other possible information needed. No matter what information you need, we can design a cruise to get it.

Timber Trespass

  • Timber Trespass occurs when someone knowingly or unknowingly harvest timber they have no right to harvest. We have been certified as an expert witness in past timber trespass cases and have helped our clients claim all the damages state law allows.