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Property inspections

  • We offer landowners periodic inspections as part of our ongoing management or one time inspections for landowners who want to know the current timber stand & boundary conditions of their property.

Management Plans

  • Benjamin Franklin said “To fail to plan is to plan to fail”. The same can be said about your forest. We can prepare a forest management plans to meet your objectives for your property as well as give directions for management for future generations. Each management plan will layout timelines for prescribed practices as well as maps of what future stand types the property will have all the while meeting environmentally sustainable harvesting practices.


  • Do you need help in replanting after the sale? Forest Pro has helped reforest 1000’s of acres through our network of site preparation and replanting contractors we can ensure that your reforestation job will be successful. We have a proven tract record with longleaf pine, a species notoriously stubborn to regenerate, and recommend the use of genetically improved containerized seedlings in most planting applications.

Boundary Line Maintenance

  • If good fences make good neighbors, then well defined property boundaries prevent many problems. We recommend landowners have their boundary lines painted at least every ten years and have documentation to prove it. Why every ten years? In Mississippi this is the minimum time period it takes for an adverse possession to occur, so by regularly painting your boundaries every ten years you not only protect yourself from timber trespass (timber theft) but also from someone adversely possessing your property.